Hello! I am Rosana, designer and creator of "El Bebé Zen".

Chemistry by profession, I consider myself a researcher of Life.Microgymics and Transpersonal Meditation Training. Mindfulness Education.

Nature lover.

"El Bebé Zen" is born from the creativity that characterizes me and from my desire to do something really respectful with the upbringing, with the environment and with people.

I have two wonderful children who inspire me and give me strength to carry out this project. "The Zen baby" is almost like my third child. The unconditional, absolute and infinite Love that I feel towards them is the Energy that moves my Life, in a path of evolution, learning and continuous growth. Organic cotton organic clothing design for pregnancy, lactation and baby up to 2 years.

What does it cost you to acquire sustainable fashion "El Bebé Zen"?

The most important thing is that he will take care of you and your baby. I explain why: the skin is the largest organ we have, in fact it covers our entire body. The skin is porous and absorbs everything with which it is in contact. Do you know the amount of chemical products (many of them toxic) that your clothes and your baby's were in contact with? We have very little information about this because, obviously, the textile industry does not care about this in the least ... It really worries me, and I know that you too, that's why I have created a totally ecological and free clothing brand. of toxics. Because you and I know that the best thing for your baby's skin is your own skin and then organic cotton. In addition, acquiring our clothes are helping to improve this world a little, since the entire process of creating our clothes is done under quality standards that respect the working conditions of people, having decent conditions and a fair salary. The environment also thanks you, because organic cotton is grown and worked without using pesticides or herbicides. Our quality certificates GOTS and OCCGuarantee guarantee it.

Designs made with Love in Barcelona, we favor local commerce.

Here you will find a sweet-romantic style, unique and different from other brands. Breastfeeding models you can continue using when this (wonderful) stage, because they are designed to facilitate breastfeeding but it is clothing that you can continue using. Thus we extend the life of the garments. And very very important, I have in mind that they are clothes that make you feel very comfortable and respect the free movement to promote the body development of the baby. If you follow us, you can also benefit from learning to lead a "Slow" and more conscious life with my free Mindfulness practices for families. This is my seed to help expand the conscious parenting.

Acquiring our clothes, you follow our slogan:

'Respect for Life' '

I wait for you...

I hear you...

I hug you...

___ ♥ ___

In our decalogue you will find the principles that we apply in the development of our activity

our decalogue


The 5% of our benefits are for this NGO that looks after the children and adolescents, covering their basic needs and providing them the necessary tools for their personal, intellectual and professional development.

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